Who We Are

The names of all the people in this blog have been changed. While the writers are comfortable being known by their first names, our partners wish to remain anonymous so we have used pseudonyms to protect everyone.

Morgaine: Blogger extraordinaire, poet, photographer, social justice activist. Born in Shanghai, China, grew up in Washington DC and Maryland, lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, United Kingdom, and currently in Detroit, Michigan. Married and divorced. Dreams of living in a polyamorous household with male and female lovers, traveling the world giving talks and fighting for social and environmental justice.

Art (a.k.a. Wide Guy): Sustainability educator, serial social entrepreneur (you’d think he’d learn), ecovillage ring leader, on too many boards, Jew-Bu with a PhD in child psychology, mediocre guitar player, vegetarian for 35 years. Married to Guin. Audiobook narrator.  Currently lives in Windsor, Ontario.