Who We Are

The names of all the people in this blog have been changed. While the writers are comfortable being known by our first names, our partners wish to remain anonymous so we have used pseudonyms to protect everyone.

Morgaine: Blogger extraordinaire, poet, photographer, environmentalist. Born in Shanghai, raised as a Mormon, studied Buddhism for a number of years, and currently a pagan. Graduate of Smith College, MFA in creative writing and MA in environmental studies. Married to Jack for four years. In a relationship with Art for less than one year.

Art (a.k.a. Wide Guy): Sustainability educator, serial social entrepreneur (you’d think he’d learn), ecovillage ring leader, on too many boards, Jew-Bu with a PhD in child psychology, mediocre guitar player, vegetarian for 34 years. Married 24 years to Guinevere. Harbors a secret dream to narrate children’s books (especially after twice reading aloud the whole Harry Potter series to their daughters).

Jack (a.k.a. Hotpot): Lover of all spicy foods, capital napper, epicure of wines, nice clothes, fancy houses, and all things fine. Devotee of Insanity Workout and Excel expert. Born in Chengdu, educated in South Africa, legal immigrant to the USA. Married to Morgaine and father to an unruly mutt named Dennis.

Guinevere: Married to Art. Currently also in another relationship. Midwife and expert of giving birth to children consciously and without pain killers.